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Partners Investing- Your Source For Quality, Hands Free, Turn Key Rentals!

Whether you are looking to buy a rental property on your own or want to Partner with us, our Success is based on your Success!

  • Own with Confidence! You're not just buying a rental property you're buying into a system that is built for success!

  • You can succeed without having any real estate experience because we will be with you every step of the way.

  • We are offering a partnership on our rental properties and a partnership in our team!

  • With a partnership you get equity in a great rental property and a team with decades of experience!

  • We are confident in the tools and relationships we have in place, therefore we are willing to put our money where our mouth is and take the investment ride with you!   

  • Finally a hands free way to own rental properties! 

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Over the last four years we have supplied over 300 rental properties to out of town and out of state investors as a third party supplier and now were taking the deals straight to you. What I've found is that even though we supply a remodeled, tenanted, performing property that is being managed by a well vetted property management company, there is still something lacking for the average investor that is interested in Turn Key Rental Properties.

And that "Something" that is missing, is a guide. People that are typically looking for a TKP (Turn Key Property) are looking for them so they can have a hands off investment in real estate, but they're only hands off for so long. Normally, we supply a TKP to a buyer/investor, put them in touch with the property manager and keep our eyes on the property for the first few months to make sure the new owners are starting off on the right foot. Then we are out of the picture (Most providers are out of the picture at the point of sale) and the buyer/investor continues on with the property manager and we hope all is well. For a lot of investors that's all they need and they can take the ball and run with it from that point on; and that's great! I have an option for those types of investors. But if you're looking for something more, like a guide, then you'll be intersted in what we have to offer. No! It's not a conceirge program where you pay an additonal fee to get guidance or a subscription to our site or anything like that. Instead, it's a Partnership where we both have SKIN in the game. Yes, that's right, I'm offering an opportunity to invest with my company on TKP's. Why am I offering a partnership instead of just offering counseling or mentorship? Because we want you to succeed and being a partner insures our interests are aligned. Plain and simple: No One Cares About Your Investment More Than YOU DO! Unless they have Skin in the game. If I retain some portion of ownership, by leaving some cash in the deal, then I'm going to give OUR property the same attention that I would give my own properties and that's the best type of mentorship/guidance you can ask for.

Here's how it works:

You'll see the listed price of each house on our site.

Option A - Pay 100% of the listed price and you'll own 100% of the property, you'll make all of the decisions and run your ship how you like. The property can remain with the current property management company for a seamless transition or you're welcome to transfer it to another management company of your choice. For a lot of investors all they need is the property to be set up and running and then they're happy to take the ball and run with it.  

Option B - Welcome Partner! Pay 80% of the listed price and own 80% of the property and Partners Investing stays on as a 20% owner (by keeping 20% of our equity in the deal). When choosing option B, your going with a "Hands Off" approach to investing in residential rental properties. We handle everything!  


Both Option A and B should be viewed as a long term investment. You should be planning on holding the property anywhere from 7 to 10 years. The reason for this is simple; If you buy a rental property and have to sell in a short amount of time, then you might be setting yourself up to sell during a downturn in the market, hence, backing yourself into a corner. The housing market goes in cycles and we don't want to be forced to sell when it's down. That's why being able to go into this with a minimum 7 year hold plan will allow us the flexibility to pick the right time to exit the market for maximum profit potential.

How to Purchase

Purchase will be done through a regular title company, with an owner's title policy and warranty deed. 

Option A or option B the closing process is almost identical, the only difference is whether you buy 100% of the property (Opt. A) or you buy 80% of the property (Opt. B). Let us know which property and which option you would like to go with and we will send you the appropriate contract.

When choosing option B; Once we know how you're going to take title of ownership then we will create an LLC that will purchase and own the property with the appropriate percentage of ownership - Example: "John Doe" will own 80% of 123 ABC Street LLC and "Partners Investing" will own the other 20%. There will be Articles of Incorporation that will spell this portion out in detail. There will also be an Operating Agreement that goes into specific details explaining how the property will be managed, profits distributed, how the "WHAT IF's" will be handled, (such as owner contributions for repairs and taxes) when to sell and so on.

For the sake of speed and simplicity of the transaction, Cash or Self Directed IRA's will be the only means of purchase. We haven't figured out that whole Bit Coin route yet and traditional mortgages are slow and cumbersome.

If you have a 401k, I would be happy to help put you in touch with the right IRA companies that can help you roll your 401k into a self directed IRA. Without getting into it too deep, a Self Directed IRA will allow you to be able to pick the investments of your choice, instead of being limited to the choices that your current 401k allows through your provider. A Self Directed IRA opens up a whole new world of investment options and allows you to take control of your investment future, not to mention the tax strategies that you'll get to take advantage of with a standard Self Directed IRA or a Self Directed Roth IRA. This is a whole topic in itself that I will be addressing in the near future. 

ROI = Return On Investment

You'll notice an ROI for each property listed on the site. I've tried to be as transparent as possible and include all of the foreseeable expenses I could when calculating the ROI. If you've had a chance to shop other Turn Key Providers then you've probably noticed they display an ROI for each of their properties as well. Please make sure you compare apples to apples when looking at ROI's, as it's easy to leave a few expenses out and pump up the ROI. To get more details on ROI's please go to the Blog page and look for the article, "Calculating ROI's".

Managing the Investment Property

My office is dedicated to overseeing these properties and I will be personally involved with each and every property.

It's taken several years to assimilate the right team; Trusted - Contractors, Suppliers and Realtors, Title companies and Property Management companies. I use three different property management companies and recently partnered with one of them. All properties that will be sold with the Partnering Option B will work with the property management I have partnered with. This gives us more control and insight. 

Not only do we have an excellent property management company that will grow with us, but I will also be dedicating my right hand man to these properties. My project manager's only objective will be to help oversee all of these properties. A lot of property management is a science. Meaning; do this and you get this. But there's also an Artistic side of it that needs to be dealt with because this is a people business and tenants are Wild Cards. You don't always get this by doing this. With 18 years of experience managing properties, I believe we excel at the Artistic side of this business.

A lot of tenant and property issues can be handled by the property management company.They go a lot smoother when you have a well versed and knowledgeable owner and or project manager that can assist the property management company with any issues that arise. Immediate decisions can sometimes make or break the bottom line and that's why we manage our managers. We are in constant contact with our property management companies. We believe in a take the "Bull By The Horns" approach and just simply get it done.

Extra cost for partnering?

There is no extra cost to partnering with Partners Investing. I'm offering it because I believe there is a large amount of investors that want to invest but have a fear of doing it alone. I benefit from it for sure.This isn't a non profit business. I'll make a return just like you, actually, the exact same percentage return because we're partners. And somewhere down the road, we'll sell some or all of these properties and exit this investment. With a little luck and a lot of hard work, we'll do very well on the sales side. The better you do, the better I do. It's the best win-win scenario I can come up with in the TKP business!

Growth Plan

Currently, with the systems in place, we can provide 10 plus properties per month. It's a steady quantity that doesn't put quantity over quality. At this rate, the business model will be complete within two to two and a half years. The management company can handle this growth rate. Our current contractors can handle this, as well as my office. The only unknown is the supply of properties available to purchase. As under valued markets dry up, by increasing in value, then the ROI's will go down and that's okay. We'd rather have a lower ROI than to purchase in a rougher area just to get a higher ROI. At some point the ROI's will be too low to make this worthwhile. I've seen values steadily increase in the Michigan market, as well as a handful of other markets I've been involved in. For this reason I have consolidatied into the Michigan market and have narrowed my focus. I'd like to grab every good deal I can in this market while we can and believe there should be enough inventory in the Michigan market for the next few years.

How to proceed?

If I've sparked some interest, please do some homework on your own and look at some of my articles, in additon to checking out some of the competition and doing some research on the Michigan market.

In no way, shape or form am I saying this is for everyone. Being a landlord is interesting to say the least and sometimes, downright scary. But that's where having a guide/partner will help extinguish the fears with knowledge and experience. When you're ready to talk and see if this is the right fit for you, please use one of the contact blocks or go to the Contact page and provide your contact information and let me know when is a good time to talk and what your interests are. It's a mutual interview and I want to make sure that it will be a good partnership for both of us.

Why Rental Properties?

Go to the Blog Page and read the "Why Rental Properties" article and links.

Why did we pick the Michigan market?

Please go to the Blog Page and read the "Why Invest in Detroit" article and links.

Don't Forget to check out the Free Store, there are quite a few documents that are uploaded in an editable word format for you to tweak as needed. Thanks again for checking out our website and make it a Sunny Day. ( Just had to say something different than "make it a great day")

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