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Where to start- 

The owner of Partners Investing is Chris Ramos. He's based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. With 18 years of real estate investing experience he has seen and experienced a lot. With that being said he is aware the more he knows the more he realizes he doesn't know and is always looking to improve and be better. Chris started investing immediately after he bought his first personal home in 1999. That first investment, (a "fix and flip") didn't make a dime and cost him hundreds of hours of time swinging a hammmer, doing electrical, plumbing, roofing, finish carpentry, painting, HVAC, Roofing and more. The education was priceless! The next two fix and flips turned him into a landlord by default. He wasn't able to sell them and was forced to refinance his private loans into long term mortgages. That set things into motion, allowing him to be where he is today and that is in a position to offer RENTAL opportunities to others. 

Now some of the highlights of 18 years in real estate -

  • Chris has completed five land development projects totaling just under 100 single family residential lots. 
  • Sold over 500 retail single family residential fix and flips.
  • Sold over 300 Investor to Investor Residential Turn Key Rentals.
  • Personally managed dozens of properties.
  • Currently has a real estate license in the state of Utah.
  • Has been a private lender.
  • Lost money on dozens of deals and projects..... wait a second did he just admit to losing on dozens of deals? Yes! Yes he did and it's important to mention this because this is where the Real Lessons are learned. You really don't learn much from the wins, not like you do on the losses. It's those hard lesssons that stick with you and make you say "I'll never do that again the same way". Chris has been involved in every aspect of fix and flips and rental properties you can imagine. In the beginning he worked on his first crew remodeling his first dozen or so properties and then slowly expanded by adding crews and partners. Some partnerships have been great and some.... well not so great. lol. But with each partnership, knowledge has been gained and lessons learned. One of the most important lessons is that most any partner is great when times are good and things are running smooth. It's not until you are faced with adversity when you see peoples true colors, some colors are the same during good and bad times and others change.

Let's talk about Rental Properties

Chris has been self managing properties since 2000 and still is today. He has a small portfolio in his local area and likes to stay involved. Not to mention it's pretty simple now that he has every sub contractor imaginable available and a project manager that can jump in when necessary, (No weekend calls about a leaky hot water heater). Nope, there are systems in place to handle that. Chris's experience in the Michigan market started in 2014 and since then, he has bought, remodeled, tenanted and sold over 300 TKP's (Turn Key Properties). Going into a new market with 14 years of experience instills the confidence to go for it, but it doesn't necessarily give you all the knowledge to be succesful. There were more lumps and losses in that first year than any one year prior to this new venture. We'll spare you the details on the lumps and losses. What have we done to limit lumps and losses in the future? Systems! Everytime a new problem arose, a new system was created and implemented. It's these systems and trusted contacts and relationships that has allowed us to be able to provide TKP's with confidence.

We've gone through dozens of vendors, contractors, realtors and property managers to get to the team we have in place today. We went so far as to partner with a young, growing and honest property management company to allow us to have more say in how the properties are being managed. We're trying to set the standard for property management, as a good property manager can and will make all the difference. We're not involved in the day to day workings of the management company, but we're talking to them daily, always trying to improve and be better. Quite often there are times we're forced to look at situations from the client (property owner), tenant's and manager's side of things, because it has to be a win-win for everyone involved or else the life expectancy of the investment isn't sustainable. Tenants are wild cards. They're the variable in the equation, but without them then there is no rental business and we understand that. At Partners Investing we believe we have the right people, knowledge and tools in place to successfully manage these investments, we take the fear out of doing it alone!

We're looking forward to partnering on a win-win investment with you in the future!